English Club темы на 26 Января 2020

Do you do (play) any sport? What is it? (If not, why?) Why do you enjoy it? Do you take part in the competitions? Have you won any trophies? What sports are dangerous? Why do people do them? Would you like to try it? Do you think that chess is a sport too? Do you have a favourite sportsman? What do you know about him/ her? How much do sportsmen earn? Is it a good job, an easy one? What do you know about Olympic Games? Have you seen any? What other world championships do you know? What’s more exciting – to watch sport or play, to watch on TV or on the stadium? Why?

What is a superstition? Why do people believe in superstitions? What are some possible reasons for their behavior? Are you superstitious? What are some superstitions you or your family members have? Do you associate superstitions with religious belief/ human history? Explain it. What are some popular superstitions in our country / other countries? What do you do not to have misfortunes in life? Do you know any rituals or amulets? Can an animal be an amulet? What rituals do you do before or at an exam, especially when you’re not ready enough for it? Does it help?