English Club темы на 17/11/2019



               (FF2.FF3)                  After school

When do you go to school? What do you do after school (on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)? Do you go to school on Saturday? What do you do at weekend? Do you visit your grandma and grandpa? Do you help your mum and dad? How do you help them? What’s you hobby? Do you go to courses (art, chess, sports, dance)? What’s your favorite thing (football, computer, paints, scooter, etc)? Why? What can you do with it? How many friends have you got? Who’s your best friend? Why? Do you go to interesting places on holidays (Nauryz, New Year, Children’s Day)?


A new place

How often do you travel to new places? How many places have you visited? What’s your favourite one? If you had a chance to move to another country, where would you go to? Why? What problems might you face in a new place? What positive/negative things are in moving to a new place? Why do people decide to go to another city, country? What’s the best age to move abroad? Why? Do you know any customs different or even strange to our nationality (Kazakh)? What specific holidays and celebrations do you know (Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving day, etc)? What Kazakh celebrations might be odd for foreigners?