English club темы на 03.11.2019



1. Do you take a vacation every year? Do you like hot places or cold places for vacation? Do you like vacations in foreign countries or closer to home? Do you like to travel alone or with friends/family? Have you ever travelled with your friends? Where did you go for your last vacation? What was your best vacation? Why was it good? What was your worst vacation? Why was it bad? How many countries have you visited? How many times have you been overseas? Where do you want to go in the future for your dream vacation?


2. What springs to mind when you hear the word ‘information’? How much useless information do you think you’ve learned? Is it important to know a lot of information in today’s world? Why? Why not? Are you happy to be living in the ‘Information Age’? What topics would you like to know more information about? What’s the difference between information and knowledge? What information technology do you think is the most important? What kind of information is dangerous in the wrong hands?