English Club темы на 09.02.2020


What are you good at? (sport, art, languages, use of gadgets, etc.) Name one thing you’re good at, one thing
you’re not very good at and one thing you’re terrible at? Is there anything that you know how to do which
nobody from your class knows how to do? What could you do when you were a child but can’t do so well
now? Who taught you riding a bike, swimming, singing, dancing? Can you remember the first time you tried
these activities? Have you ever done anything that you really didn’t think you could do? If so, what was it? Is
there anything you want to learn to do by the next year that you can’t do now?


Do you like fashion? What is your opinion about fashion industry? Are you a fashion victim? What’s your
opinion of fashion models? How does fashion affect your life? How important is fashion today compared with
the past? What do you think fashion will be like 40 years from now? Will we wear any different kinds of
clothes and materials? What is more important – to look elegant or comfortable? What are the bad aspects
of fashion? Is fashion only for beautiful or famous people? Explain it. Do you have your own fashion style or
follow the crowds?