English Club с носителем языка для студентов центра на Назарбаева, 03.06.2018


The Discussion of the video episode: «At the airport»

How do you usually travel with your family? What ways of travelling can be? What is
good and bad about travelling by train? What do you like and dislike about airports?
Why? Do you think air transportation is the best way to travel? Why or why not? What
is your local airport like? What are some things to do at the airport while waiting for
your flight to board? How many times were you at the airport? What countries did you
go? Are you going anywhere this summer?


The Discussion of the video episode: “20 Rules All Royal Family Members NEED TO FOLLOW From Birth”
2. What do you think about “family rules”? Are they important or not? Why? If you
could change some rules in your family, what would they be? Why would you like to
change them? If there weren’t any family rules at all, what would be different in your
family? Have you ever heard about friends’ family rules? When you have your own
family, what kinds of rules would you like to have? Why? Have you ever heard about
special family rules of famous people or royal families? Do they have the same family
rules as we do or their rules are absolutely different? Why?