English Club с носителем языка для студентов центра на Назарбаева, 13.05.2018


The Discussion of the video episode: “How to Talk About Your Free Time and Hobbies”

1. Do you have any hobbies? Why do people have hobbies? Can people make money
from their hobbies? Do people need hobbies? Why? / not? What can a person do as a hobby? Do people need to spend money on their hobbies? Can a hobby be dangerous?
Which hobbies are the most popular in your country? Did you have any hobbies when you were a child? Which hobbies do you think are the most difficult?


The Discussion of the video episode: “Study Abroad Experience and Advice”

2. Have you ever considered studying abroad? To what countries would you consider going?
Why? Would you prefer a big university, a small university or a language school? Would you prefer studying in a big city, a small city or perhaps a village? Why? While you studied abroad would you prefer to live in a dormitory type setting, stay with a host family, or find your own apartment? What would you do to get involved in the culture and meet the locals?
What could you do today to help you to prepare for that experience? How long would it take you to adapt to a new country and society?