English Club с носителем языка для студентов центра на Айманова 172, 15.04.18



A theme: Can…?

Can you play football? Can your friends play football? Can you swim? Can your mum/dad
swim? Can you draw? Can you dance? Can your friends draw/dance? Can you cook? Can your
grandmother cook? Can you sing songs? Can your mum/dad sing? Can your grandma run? Can
your grandpa climb?


Video discussion: “Tips for learning a new language”

1. Which languages are the most difficult to learn? Why? Which languages are the easiest to learn?
Why? Why do many people learn English now? What are your tips for learning a new language? Do
you believe that there are some magic strategies by means of which you can learn a new language for a
month? Why? Why not? Do languages help in our life? If yes, how? How long do we need to learn a
new language? Have you ever heard about a language barrier? If yes, what is it? How to overcome a
language barrier?