English club на 09.04.2017 Айманова, Время: 11.00-12.00 и 12.00-13.00

09/04/17 English club for children 11.00-12.00

Can you….?

Can you play football? Can your friends play football? Do you like football? Can you swim? Can your mum/dad swim? Can you draw? Can you dance? Can your friends draw/dance? Can you cook? Can your grandmother cook? Can you sing songs? Can your mum/dad sing? Can your grandma run? Can your grandpa climb?


A theme: Adoption

2. What is adoption? What are some of the reasons people choose to adopt? Should you tell the child that he or she was adopted? If so, at what age? Or when? Should adopted children have the right to know their biological parents? Why? Why not? Should there be an age restriction for the adoptive parents? Should a single man or woman be able to adopt a child? Are there any risks when adopting a child? How would you feel if you found out you were adopted? What would you do?