В Центре «A&F EDUCATION» вы получаете возможность приобрести потрясающий опыт общения с носителями английского языка.


English Club  — это время, где можно попрактиковаться в английском с носителями языка. Слушатели, посещающие английский клуб, получат шанс применить свои знания в мини-языковой среде, а также сделать первый шаг к преодолению языкового барьера. Помимо закрепления языковых навыков, слушатели приобретают новых друзей и тренируются в правильном ведении дискуссионной полемики.

English Club- это уникальная возможность  не потерять уже полученные знания и приобрести новые!!!

Занятия с носителями языка разделяются на два потока:

  • для начинающих
  • для совершенствующихся

Темы English Club на 15.03.20

English club ​15/03/20 15.00-16.00 The Past How did people live in the past? Where did they live? What did they do for living? What did they do to have fun? Where did they take food from? What did children do? Did they help their parents? Were they as smart as today’s children? Was their life easier? Why (not)? Who is an archaeologist? Do you think we should study our past? Why (not)? What is an archaeological museum? Have you ever visited one? What can you see there? Do you like history subject? Why (not)? Would you like to be a…

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Темы English Club на 01.03.2020

01/03/20 15.00-16.00 Food Do you have breakfast? What do you usually eat for breakfast? Does your mum cook breakfast? Where do you eat lunch? What do you eat for lunch? When do you have dinner? What do you eat for dinner? Do you have a sweet tooth? Do you have a healthy diet? What healthy food do you eat? What is junk food? How often do you eat it? Can you cook? What? How often do you go to café/ restaurant? What’s your favouriteplace? Why? Have you ever ordered food that you didn’t enjoy? What was wrong with it? What’s your favourite national…

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Темы на English Club 23.02.2020

23/02/20 15.00-16.00 TV  Do you enjoy watching TV? Why (not)? How do you watch TV programmes – on TV, on your phone, on a tablet..? How often do you watch TV? What types of TV programmes do you know? Compare them. What’s your favourite TV programme? What do your parents like watching? Do you like watching a reality show? Why do you think people like watching it? Would you like to take part in one? Do you watch any top charts (music, the funniest videos..)?  Do you think talent show can help you become famous? Would you like to participate? What talent have you got? Would you…

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English Club темы на 09.02.2020

09/02/20 15.00-16.00 Abilities What are you good at? (sport, art, languages, use of gadgets, etc.) Name one thing you’re good at, one thing you’re not very good at and one thing you’re terrible at? Is there anything that you know how to do which nobody from your class knows how to do? What could you do when you were a child but can’t do so well now? Who taught you riding a bike, swimming, singing, dancing? Can you remember the first time you tried these activities? Have you ever done anything that you really didn’t think you could do? If…

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