Темы English Club на 23 ноября



Eating in and eating out

How often do you eat out? What’s your favourite café? Why? What do you usually order? What can you cook? Do you have meals with your family/ alone? Do you help your parents with cooking, setting the table, washing the dishes? What’s your favourite home-made dish? How is it cooked? What equipment is used in the cooking process? What are the good things about eating in? What are the bad points? What are the good things about eating out? What are the bad ones? Where do you usually celebrate your birthday and other parties? Why? Would you like to be a chef? Why (not)? Would you like to work as a waiter (waitress)? Why (not)?



Have you got a pet? What is it? Describe it. Whish pets have you owned? What animal is the best pet? Why? If you have never owned a pet, which animal would you most like to have? Why? Do you believe animals can understand people? Do you think it’s right to keep ants, spiders, rats, snakes as pets? Why (not)? What dangers might there be in keeping these animals as pets? What conditions do you think they each need to be kept in? Why do you think some people prefer these animals to more traditional types of pets? Why do people keep pets? Can wild animals (crocodiles, tigers, tortoise, etc) become pets? Why (not)?