Темы English Club на 19/05/2019 АЙМАНОВА

A video episode for a discussion: Learn the Top 10 Ways to Give Advice in English
In what situations do people usually need to get some pieces of advice? Did you ever take any advice from other people? What was the situation when you needed other person’s advice? Was it useful? Did anyone ever give you bad advice? Did you ever give any pieces of advice to your friends or other people? Whose advice do you trust the most? Why? Do you follow your parents’ advice? Did you have a situation when you ignored your parents’ or someone’s good advice?
A video episode for a discussion: 10 WAYS THE INTERNET HAS CHANGED OUR LIVES FOREVER

If we didn’t have the Internet, what would be different in our life? If you could be a superhero, which would you be? Why? If you could meet a celebrity, which would you choose? Why? If you could travel in space, would you try it? Why? If you could live anywhere, where would you choose? Why? If you could be any age forever, which age would you choose? Why?