Темы English Club на 16.06.2019


What is the best activity to do while camping? How many times did you go camping? Did you enjoy it? Why? Where did you go camping? What are the 4 most important things to bring with you when you go camping? Where is the best place to go camping in your country? Why? What is the best time of the year to go camping? What is the best/ worst thing about camping? What is the best food to bring on a camping trip?

What does “home sweet home” mean? Please, explain. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you like to live? Why? What does your dream house look like? Please, describe it. Which is better, a small house or a large apartment? Why? Is your home just a place to eat and sleep every day? Why/not? What would you like to change about your current home? What is the last thing that you/ your parents bought for your home? Why? What is the next thing that your want to buy for your home? Why?