Темы English Club на 15.03.20

English club ​15/03/20
The Past
How did people live in the past? Where did they live? What did they do for living? What did they do to have fun? Where did they take food from? What did children do? Did they help their parents? Were they as smart as today’s children? Was their life easier? Why (not)? Who is an archaeologist? Do you think we should study our past? Why (not)? What is an archaeological museum? Have you ever visited one? What can you see there? Do you like history subject? Why (not)? Would you like to be a historian in future? Would you like to live in the past? Why (not)?
When did you start learning English? How did it happen? Do you think it is easy to learn a foreign language? Why (not)? What is the best way to learn a foreign language? How would you compare your native language to English? Which one is easier to learn? How many languages can you speak? What languages do you like or dislike the sound of? Does language make the personalities of each nationality different? Explain it. Can one learn a language without learning about its culture? Why (not)? Do you think that one day there will be just one language in the world? Would the world be a better place? What do you think of languages that are dying? Do you think they should be preserved? Why?