Темы English Club на 14.04.2019 АЙМАНОВА

English club for children
(Family and Friends 1-2)
A song for kids: Friends
What’s your name? How old are you? Have you got a friend? What’s his/her name? Do you like your friend? Has your friend got blue/brown or black eyes? Has he/she got curly or straight hair? Has your friend got short or long hair? Has he/she got blond or brown hair?

12.00- 13.00
A video for discussion: conflict resolution
2) When you see the word «conflict», what do you think of? Is conflict always negative? How can conflicts be resolved? What would you consider to be a constructive / destructive approach to conflict? Does there have to be a winner and a loser of a conflict? Is it possible to avoid conflicts? What kind of conflicts can be in the family? Did you experience any kind of conflict in your family? What strategies do you know to solve conflicts in the family? What kind of conflicts appear at school? Why are there conflicts at school? What should teachers, parents and pupils do to avoid and solve such conflicts?