Темы English Club на 01.03.2020




Do you have breakfast? What do you usually eat for breakfast? Does your mum cook breakfast? Where do you eat lunch? What do you eat for lunch? When do you have dinner? What do you eat for dinner? Do you have a sweet tooth? Do you have a healthy diet? What healthy food do you eat? What is junk food? How often do you eat it? Can you cook? What? How often do you go to café/ restaurant? What’s your favouriteplace? Why? Have you ever ordered food that you didn’t enjoy? What was wrong with it? What’s your favourite national dish? What ingredients are there? How do you cook it?



How would you define improvisation? Do you consider yourself good at improvising according to the situation you are facing at the moment? Can you think of examples? Do you think it’s a useful skill in life? Why (not)? How good at improvisation are the people in Kazakhstan? Are most people good at improvising or do they have difficulties adapting to an unexpected situation? What about your family members? Imagine you are lost in the middle of the forest. You find a bag with a few objects inside it. Think about different ways you can use the following objects (an umbrella, roller skates, the bag, a helmet, 10 pens, 100 red balloons,         a soccer ball) to help you survive. These ways have to be different from the objects’ original purpose.