Темы на English Club 23.02.2020




Do you enjoy watching TV? Why (not)? How do you watch TV programmes – on TV, on your phone, on a tablet..? How often do you watch TV? What types of TV programmes do you know? Compare them. What’s your favourite TV programme? What do your parents like watching? Do you like watching a reality show? Why do you think people like watching it? Would you like to take part in one? Do you watch any top charts (music, the funniest videos..)?  Do you think talent show can help you become famous? Would you like to participate? What talent have you got? Would you like to work on TV? Why (not)? Would you like to be an extra in a TV show/ film? Why (not)?



What makes a good commercial? What are some of the best TV (online)commercials you can remember? Why do you like them? What are some of the worst ads you can remember? When is an ad effective? Is a commercial that you like effective even if you don’t remember what it is advertising? How influenced are you by advertising? Do you watch the TV commercials during the TV programs breaks or do you switch channels? Why do you do it? What’s your opinion about shopping online? Have you ever had any problems with Internet shopping? If so, how did you solve the problem?