Темы на English Club на 08.12.2019



   (FF2, FF3)
My family and friends

Who is your best friend? Is he/she from your class? How many friends have you got? Talk about them (hair, eyes, age). What do you like doing together? What is your friend’s hobby? What does he/ she do in the morning/ afternoon/ evening, at night? What does he/ she do at the weekend? What’s his/ her favourite toy? What can your friend do? Can he/she play musical instrument? What does your mum/ dad like? What does your mum/ dad do in the evening? When does your mum/ dad get up? When does your mum/ dad go to bed? What can your mum/ dad do? What do you and your parents do at the weekend?



What does money mean to modern people? What does money mean to you? How can people pay for goods? What are the advantages and disadvantages of paying by cash/ credit card? What future do you predict for money? Will there be coins and banknotes in 100 years? What is a digital currency? What’s your opinion of online shopping? Do you shop online, use apps (like Market, Apple Pay)? If yes, how do you pay for purchase? Is shopping online cheaper that in an ordinary shop? Do you use QR readers before purchasing? Do you believe in cashless society? Can you give examples of cashless countries / cities?