Темы клуба для Фурманова 28/01/2018

28/01/18   15.00-16.00

English club for children /(Family and Friends 2)

Video + discussion of the questions / A theme: What are you doing?

Are you eating? Are you dancing? Are you reading a book?
What is your mum/dad doing? What is your sister/ brother doing? What are your friends doing?


The Discussion of the video episode / group discussion of the theme:

What’s the most popular food in Britain? What’s the most popular food in Kazakhstan? Do people
drink only tea in Britain or they like coffee as well? What about people in our country? What is the
most popular lunch in Britain? What about favorite lunch in Kazakhstan? Do British people eat
more ready-made meals or they like cooking themselves? Why? Do people in Kazakhstan choose more ready-made food or they cook at home? Why?