Расписание English Club на филиале: Назарбаева 51 на 30 Сентября, воскресенье


Have you got a family? Have you got a sister/
a brother? Have you got a bike? Has your
friend got a bike? Have you got a computer?
Has your dad /mum/ sister got a computer?
Have you got a CD player? Has your friend
got a CD player?


A video for a group discussion: Why Do We Gossip?

2. Do you like gossiping? Why?/not ? Do your friends often gossip about you? Why do
you think people like to listen to gossips? Why do people like to gossip about the rich
and famous? What are some ways which gossip can be harmful? Do you think gossip
can be used for something good? Have you ever had problems because of gossip? What

would you do if someone gossips about you?