Расписание English Club на филиале: Назарбаева 51на 18 Ноября, воскресенье



English club for children

(Family and Friends 3,4)

1. What do you eat for breakfast (lunch /dinner)? What food do you like? Why? What food don’t youlike? Why? Can your mum/dad cook well? Can you cook? Can your friends cook? Do you help your mum/dad (when she/he cooks)? What is your favourite dish? Why? How often does your mum cook your favourite dish? What is your favouritedrink/ fruit/vegetable?


Theme: Luxury Items

A video discussion: Luxury brands that aren’t worth the money

What is one luxury item you really want to have? Do developed countries focus too much on luxury items? What do you think is the most popular luxury item in your country? Have you ever been jealous that someone had something you didn’t? If yes, what was that? Do you think that luxury goods make people happy? Why or why not? What is something that you can spend money on that will make you happy?  How often do you spend money on things you know you shouldn’t? What kind of things do you buy? Who are the most expensive things (cars, perfume etc) made by? Are rich people really happier? Name some things people can do to make themselves happier without spending money.