Расписание English Club на филиале: Айманова 172 на 4 Ноября, воскресенье

A theme: How often…?

A video episode for a group’s discussion: Daily routine.
Are you often tired? Why? Why not? How often are you late to class/work? Why
are you late? How often are you happy? How about sad? What makes you happy
or sad? Do you often get sick? When was the last time you got sick? How often
do you travel overseas? Where do you like to go? How often do you see movies?
What movie did you last see? How often do you talk with your family?

A theme: Customs

A video episode for a group’s discussion: Unbelievable shocking cultural norms from around the world.

Have you ever traveled abroad? If yes, where did you go and what was it like? What customs
were different from your country’s customs? If no, would you like to go abroad? Where would you like to go and what do you think it will be like? Do you think it is important to follow a country’s customs when you visit it? Why? Why not? What are some strange foreign customs that you have heard of? Are there any customs in your country visitors might find strange?
What are some customs in your country that people should follow? Why?