Расписание English Club на филиале: Айманова 172 на 23 Сентября, воскресенье

Расписание клуба на филиале: Айманова 172

23/09/18, English club for children (FF3/4), 11.00-12.00

Do you like cooking? Does your mum/dad cook well?
What’s your favourite food? Is it easy or difficult to
cook your favourite dish? Why? Can you cook your
favourite dish? Who usually cooks in your family? What
do you usually eat for breakfast / lunch/ dinner? Do you
like eating fast food? Does your mum/dad like eating
fast food?


A theme: Encouragement
Video for a class discussion: 10 life hacks for getting motivated!

How can you explain the word “encouragement”? What do you do to encourage yourself when
going through hard times? Does it work? How can discouragement help us to grow? Why? Why
not? What do you do when you feel depressed? Which is better a word of encouragement or a
letter of encouragement? Why? Do you encourage your close people? How? How can you fight
discouraging thoughts about yourself? Can church, temples, mosque or other religious places
help bring someone encouragement or inspiration? What to do in order to believe more in